Existing protective measures - coronavirus


COVID-19: The applicable protective measures in our house

Dear guests,

since the 2nd of april 2022 there are new ristrictions. They also include, that the 3G rule is not longer valid. That means there is no obligation to provide proofs anymore.

Also, wearing a medical mask is still copulsory everywhere in the hotel, except in the private guest rooms.

Guests, who have reached the age of 14, have to wear a FFP2 masks. Kids between 6 and 14 years have to wear a medical mask.

In order to protect you, us and our fellow human beings, we ask you to consider and respect the rules that apply in our house! Please join in so that we can get out of this matter as quickly and as healthy as possible!

You'll find a detailed list of the hygiene measures in the following. If you have any questions or remarks, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time - so that we can make your stay together as pleasant as possible, even in these special times.

Stay healthy
Your bedpark team


Implemented hygiene regulations COVID-19

The hygiene regulations in our hotel have been strengthened to ensure a safe environment for you and our staff. Because the protection of our guests and staff is very important to us. With care in all areas and strict hygiene, we live up to our co-responsibility for the containment of the coronavirus. Please support us in this endeavor and adhere to the rules of conduct consistently.

  • A contact person has been appointed at the hotel to supervise the implementation of security measures, staff training and compliance with the security guidelines.

  • All our staff is continuously informed and specially trained.

  • Appropriate presentation of the security guidelines for our staff and guests in the floors/entrance areas.

  • Increased cleaning and sanitation procedures for rooms and common areas, several times a day (in particular: door handles, seating, tables, counters, floors, etc.).

  • Disinfectant dispensers are available at all entrances, floors and in the reception areas.

  • In all public hotel areas a mouth and nose protection must be worn. Please understand that we have to punish violations with a fee of € 50.00.

  • Adhesive tapes on the floor in the reception area at a distance of 1.5 m help to keep social distance.

  • To keep personal contact to a minimum, you can:
    > Pay for your stay with debit or credit card (preferably); all credit card terminals are thoroughly cleaned before and after each use.
    > Check in independently via the check-in terminal (card payment only).

  • Due to reduced opening hours, personal contact is kept to a minimum, so check-in is usually done automatically at the "Späti".

  • A basket or other container is provided for the disposal of your key/card/used pens (disinfected before and after each use).

  • You will receive the invoice as usual by e-mail on the day of departure.

Important note: Due to the current regulations we have to reserve the right to cancel bookings without substitution due to maximum capacity at times of Covid-19. In this case the guest will not be charged any costs and will be informed in time about this cancellation.

Be positive. Wash your hands. Stay healthy - with us.

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