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+++ Important information about arrival on 31st of December 2018 +++

Dear Guest,
o that you can perfectly start your celebrations for the new year, our reception on New Year's Eve is only open from 1.00 to 3.00 p.m.. We would like to invite you to a glass of sparkling wine during this time!

Our little gift for you: on the 1rst of January you can stay in the room until 1.00 p.m.! Please note, however, that the key cards are only valid until 11.00 a.m. on the day of departure.

On New Year’s Eve a check-in after 3 p.m. is therefore only possible with an pre-payment or a valid credit card which we could charge with the total amount on arrival day. Afterwards we deposit your keys after 3 p.m. at the petrol Station nearby named "SHELL" – it’s located in the Max-Brauer-Allee 216.

The petrol station is 24 hours open and you will get your keys and your receipt with a short arrival letter if you show your ID or your passport.
You’ll find the room number in your envelope and on the key card cover - not on the card itself!
You just have to hold the key against the key card reader on the front door. Be sure that your key card is always with you when you leave your room. Otherwise you won’t get access to your room again and an emergency opening will cost you 50.00 €! Please read your arrival letter carefully for more details.

In case of need, you can reach our emergency number until 10 p.m., which you’ll find on the keycard cover.

We wish you a pleasant stay at bedpark and a happy new year!

ours bedpark Team

The free and hanseatic city of Hamburg raises a city tax since 1st of January, 2013 for taxation of private stays in an accommodation.
Since 1st of May, 2016 we additionally charge the tax to the room rate for private travelers and show it separately in the invoice.
You can see the graduation of prices in the documents, which we made available for download. In addition, you can read it
You can also download the confirmation for business trips and bring it with you to the check-in.
This blank has to be confirmed and signed by the company.


Parking spaces - reservation required

For a surcharge of € 7.50 per night, you can make a reservation for a parking space in the rear parking area.
Please note: The doorway to the parking area is only 2.45 meters high. Bigger cars have no chance to get through.

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